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    I have a roll of Ektachrome 100 that was inadvertently exposed at 64. Now I don't shoot enough transparancy film to know if that is enough of an over exposure to matter all that much, so I'm looking for some input. If the concensus is that it is enough to matter, I will likely try to process the roll myself, which is something I've never done before (E-6, that is...). Do the kits list the different times for push/pull processing?

    Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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    Mar 6, 2007
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    yes in my experience they do list push and pull times. I would suggest that you shorten the first development a bit in line with the kits suggestions. Pushing and pulling is not in my experience an exact science though. You need to find times that work for you in your processing situation; but It would be mad not to use the times suggested by the manufacturer as a start point. If you get a Kit look for a six bath. I have never had colour castless ( is that a word?) results with 3 bath kits. Others may disagree though.
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    My view is that with E6 processing you can easily get a variation between processors greater than your exposure error. My preferred processor in the Uk gives me good results and (in my opinion) results that are about half a stop darker than some other processors. For me this is not a problem as I have set my cameras to compensate.
    I would guess that this processor could save your film by just a normal processing. If youve never done E6 before - beware - your processing errors (as a novice) could exaggerate your original taking error!! Home processing takes practice to perfect the art.