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    Ok here it goes==

    Durst ClS 450 with a Laborator 1000 not a scratch on it given to me--came with a Setopla 2839 recessed lens board, a 50mm lens, a taunoneg carrier, a taunomask 35mm and last but not least a taunobox 35mm...

    ....so here I am with a tank of an enlarger that I know is in great mechanical and cosmetic condition, but not to sure of the electrical.

    Electrical? you ask...yes that was the first hurdle no power supply...crazy Italian connectors and 24v converter box...wow!!--well 6 weeks go by of searching evilbay, google, searching old posts...and finally a breakthrough a power supply that did not sell on ebay(old post, completed listings search)Great 1 email 50$ and 10 days later I have a power supply...lucky me the seller had and sent two, so now there is a spare.

    In my quest I found that there were different light mixing boxes needed for different formats...more news to me as the 45mxt in school I used just required a lens and carrier change. Off we go again...

    .....found a taunobox 35, 66, and 69 in Germany, a Taunobox 69 in Canada, and I am currently trying to finish a deal with an Italian for the 450n--most expensive of course.

    Up to this point I am 9 months into this deal and I have decided its all or nothing..yes I know there are make not buy alternatives, but I want to find all Durst originals---A nastalgia thing..

    So Other than Glenview---great guy and all but I haven't won the lottery yet ---and stonemills who has no durst inventory except some very expensive photocopies---does anyone know where I can get a lead on these remaining items.

    Otopfe carriers all formats
    Taunomasks all formats except 35mm
    EPOI ST 450 Stabilizer Timer
    Replacement glass for the tauneg and the upper element for the light mixing box<---part names I haven't been able to determine yet)
    and (2) Lapla 39 lensboards

    I know someone out there has got a few of theses items hiding in a darkroom drawer....so can we help a guy out?

    best regards


    Moral of the story goes--no such thing as a free puppy...........................................cheers

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    Hi Robert !
    I own the same setup as yours, mine was not given, and was also missing some parts... Been there, done that route...
    Forget about the Taunoneg. They are as scarce as hens teeth. (it came out only when the L1000 get the CLS450 head, and a few month before the Laborator 1200 goes out. So only a few of them were sold). Look if you can find the original neg carrier the OTONEG and make the modification yourself.
    IMHO the OTOPFE are not really needed, I strongly prefer the glass to keep my negs flat. But these do show from time to time. Patience is your friend.
    I would avoid the stabilized power supply/timers except if you have the schematics and that degree from MIT on electronic science.... Remember these are early seventies electronics, high power high voltage electronics. If something goes south, fixing it would be at best expensive, at worse impossible because you'll lack components... Stick with a Sola power conditioner and a plain transformer power supply. But your mileage may vary ;-)
    The glasses for the negative carrier are easy to find, either Durst or custom made. Ask a guy who repair enlargers, he may have a source for them . If you do not have a model to measure, get the OTOPFE dimensions. They are the same ;-)
    The LAPLA be it 39 or 50 are the easiest parts to get as they are still made for the Durst 1200 which is IIRC still made. So you will be able to find some new at the Durst representative in your country. The last one I bought was not so expensive.
    Set a search on Ebay and be patient, the parts you need show from time to time...
    Good luck !
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    Durst is fully out of the enlarger business but lapla shouldn't be that hard.

    You can manage with just the 4x5 mixing box. The Beseler 4x5 is no different in this. Beseler sells smaller mixing boxes but the biggest will do for all. You lose a little light power.
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