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    Jul 29, 2010
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    I recently stumbled on a couple of books by climber/photographer Dave Bohn in my local used book store:
    • Backcountry Journal: Reminiscences of a Wilderness Photographer (Capra Press, 1974)
    • Rambles Through and Alaska Wild: Katmai and the Valley of the Smokes (Capra Press, 1979)
    I very much enjoyed both works (esp. Rambles)--for the wilderness philosophy, adventure writing, and stunning landscape photos. I'd like to see more of Dave's work. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    I little googling turns up a few clues:
    • Active at the ASUC Studio on the Berkeley campus in the late 1960's and/or early 1970's?
    • A collection of prints at the Oakland Museum of California documenting historic buildings in the Bay Area (http://collections.museumca.org/?q=category/made/dave-bohn)
    • Various group exhibits in the 70's and 80's with other landscape photographers (for example: http://www.nytimes.com/1981/10/11/nyregion/landscape-photos-dot-summit-center.html).
    • A 1983 workshop co-taught with Phillip Hyde in Kanab, Utah, entitled “The Photographer and Wilderness”
    • Teacher at the Ansel Adams Gallery and Workshop in 1986, along with Ted Orland, Paul Caponigro, Ernst Hass, Wanda Hammerbeck, Jerry Uelsmann, David Bayles, Martha Casanave and Joel Meyerowitz.
    Anyway, TIA for any pointers to more of his images.
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    Dave Bohn images in print

    "Glacier Bay: The Land and the Silence" Sierra Club Books, 1960-something coffee table volume
    "Studio 68" catalog of exhibit of ASUC Studio photographers at Friends of Photography, Carmel, CA
    "East of These Golden Shores" (Scrimshaw Press, I believe, from early 80s) exemplary architecture of East Bay Area historical homes.
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    Hooray for you. Those are two extremely rare finds. I have the Backcountry Journal.