Darkroom Tip: How to use a drum processor / motorbase with a Paterson or Jobo tank

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    Nov 27, 2012
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    I love my Cibachrome motorbase. I've reduced my development processing time almost by half. Since I don't have to hand agitate every minute, I simply put the Jobo tank on the motorbase right from the get-go. While the developer is working, I go and test and prep my fixer. And while it's fixing, I clean up the developer chemicals and get my filtered water ready.

    I still final wash in the sink. But the final rinse is with 500ml of ZeroWater filtered water to eliminate any hard or soft water issues. Also I'm usually dying of thirst by now. So that ten minute final rinse lets me get my thirst quenched and ready to hang my film.

    Take a look at the video's description. I went ahead and found as many brands of drum processors I know. Searching ebay just got easier.

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