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    I'd highly recommend Scottish Mountain Gear if you want some adaptations to your rucsac to make it more 'photo-gear friendly'. Scottish Mountain Gear are specialist outdoor gear repairers, and the main UK / European 'fixers' for a number of well-known outdoor brands who have repair guarantees.

    I use a Lowepro Dryzone as my main landscape camera bag, but if I'm on mountain trips / rough ground or carrying gear for long distances a specialist rucsac is much more comfy. It's often tricky carrying tripods, and particularly tricky keeping a tripod flush against the pack rather than have it acting as an unstable counterbalance...!

    I use this Macpac climbing rucsac here. Macpac are a New Zealand based company who make brilliant outdoor kit. I splay the legs and use the ski / tent pole pockets at either side keeping the legs of the tripod in. The keeps the tripod weight evenly distributed and centred.

    Scottish Mountain Gear added two customised straps for my Manfrotto tripod which holds the centre leg section of the tripod and the ballhead tight to the rucsac. They also added a small pouch to keep the centre column tight to the rucsac. I've tested this adapted rucsac now on the mountains for a while now and it keeps the tripod load rock solid and well balanced.

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