Cullmann flash (Sl 28)

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    I am a newbie with flash, but try to use my wifes Cullmann SL 28.
    I can't find any user manual, either in the house or on the net. So I wonder if anyone here can help, or have the manual.

    The black knob at the center of the back (see picture) changes the asa value at the top, moves the aperture scale and change the numbers placed just under it (knob).

    I think I understand how to interpret if the white knob is set to the red dot, but I'm confused as to how to read the values when set to the grey dot.

    (I'd also like to know something about the M. Would that be for giving the control to the camera?)


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    M = Manual
    That means that the autoexposure feature/that light metering cell at the front is switched off. Your flashlight goes off at full power each time. After setting the ISO speed of your fílm at the ASA indicator you just read the aperture appropriate to the distance your subject is located.
    The Standard Metrical Guidenumber of your flashlight is 28.

    BLUE and WHITE = autoexposure ranges
    You read the extent of those ranges and the appropriate aperture to use either for the blue or white range at the scale above.

    The meaning of those figures 4 and 8 is enigmatic to me. (Hopefully I just got a bad day...)
    EDIT: Yes a bad day...
    Those are the appropriate two apertures for the automatic mode, indicated seperately from that scale. I never came across a flashlight of that kind that indicates those apertures seperately in addition. Nice feature, but yielding the chance to get outside the distance range if only looking at those seperate figures.
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    Generally correct Agx.
    The orange and blue/gray lines beneath the distance show the automatic exposure range.
    blue-gray is 16 feet, oranges is 33 feet.
    The orange and blue-gray in the middle show what aperture to use(in auto)
    And the slide switch (M,B/G, OR) allow you to set the power/range.

    As an example the flash in picture shows ISO 200, power selected= B/G(f8) and auto range = 16'
    For 200 ISO, power set to red(f4) and auto range is to 33'

    So, basically, decide the f stop or range you want and set the power. That's only two things to set. Of course set your
    camera to it's sync speed and the lens to whichever f stop the flash indicates.

    You're going to notice as you change the ISO the calculator will change the distance on the scale but not the lens settings.