Coverage for Super Angulon 47mm f/5.6

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    Jan 8, 2013
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    I saw this 47mm today and I'm very tempted, but I wanted to know if it would be too wide on a 4x5 Cambo. I have a recessed board, but I understand that may still be pushing things. I'd appreciate any help on this.

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  2. AgX

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    Apr 5, 2007
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    Image circle diameter
    @f 22 @infinity: 123mm

    4x5in format diagonal is 154mm

    Schneider thus advises it for 6.5x9cm format.
  3. Dan Fromm

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    Mar 23, 2005
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    Funny you should ask.

    As AgX pointed out, a 47 SA won't cover 4x5. If you want a 47 mm Schneider lens that covers 4x5, the 47 SAXL covers 166 mm.

    I recently moved to 6x12, got a 4x5 Cambo for that purpose. A 47 SA on a flat board will make infinity on a 4x5 Cambo with the rear standard reversed (shooting landscape requires putting the camera on its side, no big thing) and the tripod mounting block behind the rear standard and, yes, a bag bellows. 6x12 is a stretch for the lens, center filter needed and image quality in the corners is marginal.

    For many reasons I shoot 6x12 with a hybrid Cambo, the 4x5 gave me a standard, gg and focuing panel. 2x3 front standard, 4x5 rear standard etc., reversed when necessary, tapered bellows, both pleated and bag. I made the bag myself. But I've measured flange-to-film distances for the 4x5 set up as described above, it is ~ 40 mm. If you don't have my reasons, a 4x5 Cambo is much more economical for 6x12 than my rig.