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    So for my senior mentoring project, I am making silver emulsions. I've been stalking and worshiping every word of yours, Ron! I'm really excited to be starting this, seeing as I'm the only person in my high school (2000 students) who's really interested in silver halide emulsions. Everyone else (while lacking talent) marvels over 10fps DSLRs.

    I like my ancient cameras!

    I think you all might be interested in what the real goal of the project is: I'll be saving all of my waste products and in the end try to extract and possibly reuse the silver. I'm working with a PhD professor on this (and he's really into environmental stuff in his lab), so he'll be a big help. We already have some ideas to a solution to precipitate out the silver, but we won't get to testing that for another month or two. I'll keep an account of what goes on and share some details here as we go on. The idea is to get a reagent that doesn't take forever much to precipitate out all of the Ag-- and that will make an environmentally safe waste.

    Anyway, my real question is this:

    I know I'll be needing a washed emulsion, okay. I'll be basing what I'm doing off of the procedure that Ron posted on here ("A Real Formula"), but I'll get my copy of "Silver Gelatin" sometime early July to work on some other possibilities. Now, I'll be shooting the emulsion in an 8x10 camera (that I'm going to make, so size is still in the air), or maybe my 4x5. I just want to know if you'd recommend coating paper, film or plates for the cameras.

    I would like to shoot film, but I have no idea where to get a suitable polyester or acetate base for it. I could easily get glass plates to any size specification, but glass plate holders are a small fortune (for me), and I'd rather invest in film holders so I could shoot film when I'm not using my emulsion. Paper I'm weary about because I don' want to process reversal, and I don't like the look of a contact printed paper.

    I really would like to make the emulsion for both the final print and the film. I just don't know what base to use for the "film" part of the project.

    Any ideas? Pointers? Anybody?

    :smile: Long live Silver!
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    Sep 8, 2006
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    4x5 glass holders are not expensive, but all 8x10 holders are expensive.