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    To reinforce what the site terms state, this classifieds system is "use at your own risk".

    You must be a Subscriber to post classified ads, subscription information can be found by (there was a url link here which no longer exists) Members are still welcome to browse ads and contact ad owners regarding items.

    Please refrain from posting any ads linking back to other system outside of the APUG classifieds (Ebay links are permissible in our dedicated Classifieds "My Ebay Listings" forum. APUG classifieds are intended for member to member sales. This is not a link farm to other business entities. Any such ads may be removed. This rule is in place to prevent abuse of our classifieds system. Also, if your item happens to be listed on another forum please make this obvious in your ad on APUG.

    At the same time, we realize that sellers want to be able to sell their items in a reasonable time frame, so if after a reasonable interval (typically about a week), an item hasn't gotten a fair offer and the seller wishes to move the item to auction, it is permitted to link to the auction as a comment to the existing ad. Auction links or references in the first post of a new thread are not permitted, and such threads will be removed.

    Transactions facilitated by the classifieds are arrangements between the seller and the purchaser, and the terms of sale are a matter to be determined by those participants. While the community norm is to keep things simple--the seller names a price, and the buyer pays the price--there are no rules prohibiting calls for "best offer" just as there is no prohibition against potential buyers making offers lower than the advertised price. If sellers want to structure the sale in some other creative way, as long as it is not disruptive to the forum, it is up to potential buyers to accept or reject the terms of sale.

    Persons not interested in a particular transaction are asked to refrain from interfering with classified sales by commenting unnecessarily. If you believe that an ad violates the rules, please use the "report thread" button (the triangle with the exclamation mark) to notify the moderators. Do not comment in the thread. If you believe that an item is overpriced, then that is a matter for the seller to figure out when it doesn't sell.

    APUG Classifieds are primarily used in line with the site charter (for traditional equipment and supplies). If you have any items that are digital (cameras, scanners, software, etc.) you can place them in the "Anything Goes" subforum. Please do not post ads for digital items in the "For Sale" or "For Trade" subforums.

    APUG does not endorse agreements that violate international customs laws and regulations or the terms of service of any external payment service used to facilitate sales through the classifieds.

    Thank You.
Thread Status:
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