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    I started doing kallitype printing really to have a cheaper way to explore alt. printing. Since the DR and CR for palladium and kallitype are so close this has proven to be useful. I was occasionally using ammonium citrate for some pt/pd and sometimes for kallitype. I also used Na Acetate (kalli-black) developer occasionally. To make a long story short my ammonium citrate and Na Acetate developers got mixed accidentally as 50:50 mixture. The result was a milky gray/white solution. Before throwing it away I (for the hell of it) made a step tablet print and a photo print with it. The result was totally shocking. The print had beautiful very dark chocolate "blacks" and creamy warm mid-tones and highlights. The step tablet showed no gain or loss in speed nor change in contrast. The solution has over the past 3 months cleared and is a slight greenish clear solution. It works. I continue to use it in kallitype printing and I tone with Pd solution. The question, is there anything in this chemistry mix that might come back and bite me later( decrease archival of the print) ? I clear with citric acid and fix with T4(alkaline ) fixer.