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    Jan 3, 2008
    I am selling a vintage Canon IIB rangefinder serial number 29599 made in Japan probably in 1949. This is a fairly early model IIB made when the Canon Camera Company, Ltd. (as it was then known) was just getting starting to get some traction in the camera market on a noticeable scale, so this is an important camera historically. The baseplate of this camera is marked as "Made in Occupied Japan".

    This particular example is in reasonable condition for its age, but it needs to be serviced before use. The shutter hangs at speeds below 1/60 second. The view finder is very dim. The rangefinder seems OK. Other mechanical motions need lubrication. There is a small leatherette chip missing from the front above the lens mount. The shutter release guard appears to be an aftermarket add-on of some sort, but it works fine. The shutter curtains look clean (important if a CLA is contemplated since curtain replacement can be costly). The body overall looks pretty good and this would make a nice piece for restoration.

    I am selling this camera "AS-IS" for repair or display (or both) - no returns.

    Price: $85 plus shipping

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