Cannon Canonflex and Flash Unit V-2

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    Aug 19, 2012
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    I just inherited a Canon Canonflex RM and a Canon Flash Unit model V-2.. I'm a long time digital photographer, but since I got these vintage or near vintage cameras, I want to learn them. I need to know where to find a replacement battery for the one it came with - it's square and 22.5V.. Anyone know where to get one of these?
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    Aug 26, 2006
    This flash uses an Eveready 505 carbon zinc battery or its equivalent (Neda 221 type). These are still available. Do a search on the 'net or on eBay. However, be aware that this is what is known as a "B-C" or battery-capacitor bulb flash. In addition to the 22.5v battery, there is a replaceable electrolytic capacitor that's roughly the size of a AA battery. Make sure that the battery and capacitor are inserted in the correct locations. Over the years, the capacitor can deteriorate to the point where it will not hold a sufficient charge to fire the flash bulb, even with a good battery. If you need a copy, Mike Butkus has provided a free scan of the V-2 manual:

    Also, here are links to a couple of useful threads at