For Sale Bronica SQ-A Medium Format film camera, 3 PS lenses, and more

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Roy Keane

Mar 22, 2021
Medium Format
Ever get the urge to shake things up? That's where I find myself, so I'm looking to trade or sell (or a combo) some good gear for something different. Here's what I have to offer (what I'm looking for in trade is at the bottom):

  • Bronica SQ-A - medium format film camera (see pics for all the Bronica gear) - all of the items below are used, show signs of wear, but are otherwise fully functional (see notes below for any exceptions)
  • 3 Zenzanon PS lenses (PS, not the S lenses. The PS line supposedly has a better coating and is known to be sharper. Never used an S lens personally so I can't verify)
    • 80mm f2.8 - excellent condition
    • 150mm f4 - a couple of dust specs but nothing that ever impacted image quality
    • 65mm f4 - excellent condition
  • 2 x 120 film backs plus an extra dark slide - no light leak problems
  • Two waist-level finders - viewing screens have signs of wear but perfectly usable and nothing that impacts image quality, obviously
    • The one pictured on the camera has a slightly fussy magnifying glass (sometimes it's tricky to get it to stay in the disengaged position - works fine, though)
    • A second one (with viewing screen) in which the spring holding the magnifier broke off....worth good money if you're handier than me and can fix it
  • a second SQ-A body - internal problem that keeps the shutter from cocking. Held on to it for parts harvesting. Could be fixed to work, most likely
  • There is no light meter on the SQ-A, but I have a minolta spotmeter M I'll consider including

All of the above - for sale @ $1500 or open to trade ideas. Will consider other offers

I also have the following if you're interested, as either part of this deal or for sale separately:
  • Minolta-x-700 film camera with
    • MD-Rokkor-X-45mm-1-2
    • MD Macro Rokkor 100mm 1-4 lens
  • the Minolta gear is used but in good condition - let me know if you'd like to see pics or have any questions

  • Epson V600 scanner with 120 and 35mm film holders

  • I have, but would rather not sell, a Nikon F2 DP-1 w/ 24mm non AI lens and 50mm lens - Including here just in case you have a godfather offer

So....what am I looking for in possible trade?

Any, or a combination of, the following are items I'm interested in acquiring (used, long as it's working and in good condition) - in order of preference:
  • an unassailable GREAT printer for making large prints of digital photographs - color and black and white
    • any paper and ink supplies for the above
  • Fuji XF lenses (not 35mm or 90mm) - Really want a wide-angle prime, first and foremost

  • A fantastic scanner for 35mm film

  • a different Medium Format system from the Bronica -- just to try something different

  • I'm open to any ideas

Thanks for reading!


  • Bronica-SQ-A-1.jpg
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  • Bronica-SQ-A-2.jpg
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  • Bronica-SQ-A-TOP---magnifier.jpg
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  • Bronica-SQ-A-TOP---finder view.jpg
    Bronica-SQ-A-TOP---finder view.jpg
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  • Extra body.jpg
    Extra body.jpg
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  • 2 x 120 backs plus extra dark slide.jpg
    2 x 120 backs plus extra dark slide.jpg
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  • Zenza Bronica PS 150mm 1-2.8.jpg
    Zenza Bronica PS 150mm 1-2.8.jpg
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  • Zenza Bronica PS 80mm 1-2.8.jpg
    Zenza Bronica PS 80mm 1-2.8.jpg
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  • Zenza Bronica PS 65mm 1-4.jpg
    Zenza Bronica PS 65mm 1-4.jpg
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Oct 26, 2015
I have an S2 (not A) with a lens, back and darkslide. Shutter needs a tune-up and some of the leatherette is missing and the WLF tends to pop off and the flash sync doesn't work anymore.

You I type this out maybe it doesn't sound like the greatest trade. But I'd still trade for that obviously inferior SQ-A. contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.
To read our full affiliate disclosure statement please click Here.


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