Bronica PS 40mm Sqr. filter system

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    Oct 26, 2012
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    I own a Bronica PS 40 mm. Despite the 95 mm filter thread, the outmost lens glass element is much smaller than those 95 mm.
    This is a question for those of your using this particular lens with a square, drop-in filter system. Can I happily live with the Cokin Z-Pro filters or must I move to the X-Pro line.
    The same question goes for the Lee filter system - either 100 or 150 mm?

    To put the problem into context for everybody:
    35mm equivalents:
    i) 26 mm Horizontal field of view.
    ii) 17 mm Vertical Field of view.
    iii) 22 mm Diagonal field of view.

    Angular fields at the 55.6x55.6 mm negative.
    Horizontal and Vertical true fields: 80º.
    Diagonal true field: 113º
    Note: neither of these match Bronica's specification of 87º angle of view for the lens.