best options for C-41 chemicals for someone using a standard patterson tank

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    I dont have a jobo, just a plain old patterson tank which works great for me when doing B&W. I want to start doing my own E-6 and C-41 and figured C-41 the cheapest way to cut my teeth. I have read many threads here and on as well to figure out what the most used options are. I found 3 that are all a possibility for me.
    1) Rollei/compard digibase kit
    2) Tenetal 1 or 5L kits
    3) TreblaFilmPAC

    the Rollei kit interested me as a small kit that wasn't to expensive and could develop a few rolls are learn with. but some of the comments about not having enough chemical in the Stabilizer (I think that was the one) bottle do fully fill a developing tank. that worries me. The tenetal would work but i like having the individual steps like in the Rollei or the trebla. But it has enough volume to do several rolls at a higher cost than the rollei. The Trebla looks very interesting to me and would be my leading candidate. But Im wondering if this kit, with its size of chemicals and a design for a more commercial use, would be a good choice for a manual tank system. The cost actaully seems to be lower than the 5L tenetal kit minus shipping. hazmut ground shipping could add a substantial amount to the cost. but even still it would be the cheapest cost per roll if I do develop in volume.

    my plan is to get my quality control down enough to start shooting much more color film adn develop and scan at home once I have the routine down like i do for B&W. I know there are storage issues with the developer #3 in the trebla kit as it seems to be the one that goes bad first. But I would top them off with wine bottle preserver which would keep it hopefully from oxidizing.

    Anyway, enough babbling. I would love to hear your suggestions and comments