Beautiful 11½ In. Wollensak Verito Diffused Focus f4 Classic Soft Focus Portrait Lens

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    This is the benchmark lens. Works on 8X10.


    It's in lovely shape. The flange, though not shown is indeed included. I have it mounted on a Kodak 2D 6X6 lens board. I cut a tight hole and mounted without flange in order for the back of the lens to clear my Packard shutter. Standard mounting with the flange on your board as designed is possible.


    Packard shutter cleaned and serviced and working great. Nothing missing. Still, it's a Model T of a shutter. Don't expect miracles from these. Top speed about 1/5th second.


    This will do fine on 8X10 and smaller. Beautiful look. Visit the Verito Picture Post page if you're not familiar with the possibilities of this lens. Visit it anyways. Gorgeous stuff there. $625.00 & something for the post man