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    I'm trying to make an artist's book CARBON high quality produced by an internationally renowned professional bookbinder.
    This book artist is like a box of high quality or black cardboard or leather to define the order.
    This book will be Artist in his right side a draw in the original Carbon Simple transfer, signed, authentic on watercolor paper and one draw so each box has a different image Carbon.
    On the left the artist's book Carbon, there will be:
    - A certificate of authenticity from the Carbon Draw
    - A short bibliography of the author
    - A theoretical description and history of photography in Carbon
    The first copy of this book will be unique artist-run mine.
    Then you can order personally subscribe to the command "Your Personal Carbon Book Artist.
    I do a little market research Afion whether the proposed book artist of high quality Carbon can, you might be interested or not at all.
    Thank you for your franchise because your opinion is important to me

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    Phillipe-that looks so beautiful....books are where it is at....for future generations
    I had a good friend artist; Leonard Baskin who made incredible books...they are the most prized of all his creations!
    Best, Peter