ARGH! Damn paper!

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    Sep 18, 2003
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    I was out shooting today at the Twin Light Historic Site in Highlands, NJ. I was using my Eastman #2 5X7 camera and having a blast. At the Twin Lights, I happened upon a motorcycle club, the Hamilton HOG's (Harley Owners Group) and after talking with a few on the members, I offered to do a group picture for them.

    I got them all arranged on the lawn and made an exposure on J&C Classic 200. They were about to break up, but I asked them to hold on for an extra shot - I'm damn glad I did. When I loaded the holders, I managed to miss one of the paper sheets that separates the film in the box!

    Of course, I didn't discover this until I got home and unloaded the holders to process the film. The first exposure I made of the group was the side of the holder with the bloody paper stuck to the emulsion side of the film.

    So... Just a word to the wise, be careful when loading, I thought I had caught all of the paper leaves. I checked all of my other loaded holders when I got home, that one was the only screwup. I'm so glad I took that extra exposure!