Ansco 8x10 Universal View

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    Ansco 8x10 Universal View - $450

    From my research, and based on feedback here in APUG, this is a late post-1942 model. I used this as a field camera and although it doesn’t fold into a clamshell like some, it does fold up sufficiently (8.5 inches) to fit in my LowePro backpack. It is also a mid-weight, at 12 lbs. Not as light as some modern (and much more expensive cameras), but light enough.

    It has plenty of movements: front axis tilt, front geared rise, front swing, front shift, rear tilt, rear swing. My favourite feature is that front rise is separate from front tilt (on my Wisner 4x5 they are on the same knob, which I find quite annoying at times). I have been told that this is an unusual model because most Anscos of this vintage do not have front swing. Focus is geared, both front and rear.

    It has a rail at the rear which pulls out for a maximum bellows extension of 24 inches, although it is very tight at that length. I think the bellows is a newer replacement because I am told that the originals were 26 inches. The bellows is in good condition and light –tight.

    The camera comes with both 8x10 and 5x7 backs and one lensboard (6x6 inches, with a 3 ¼ inch hole). Overall, it has been used, but not abused. It is a solid camera, easy to use, with lots of features, and it locks down nice and tight. This is the perfect camera for someone on a budget who wants to get into the larger formats for contact printing. Contacts from 5x7 and 8x10 are delicious.

    Send me a message for photos. Buyer pays shipping from Ottawa, Canada.USD
    Price : 450.00
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