Analogue Darkroom Digital Assistant

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    Aug 26, 2006
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    Hi All

    Have designed and developed this product which I thought may be useful for black and white film darkroom professionals. It is essentially a portable device with the following capabilities :

    1) Temperature compensating process timer
    A timer with a thermometer probe that measures the temperature of your developer and adjust the development time accordingly. You can define up to 16 processes for different neg/paper/developer combination. For each process, you can define up to 14 time steps of 99min99sec each. Other features include display turn-off until end of Fixing, 30sec agitation beeps, etc.

    2) F-stop printing assistant
    Continue to use your linear enlarger timer for f-stop printing. Generates f-stop test strips, dodge or burn-in times and enter the times into your timer. F-stop print plan feature allows you to print multiple prints from the same negative or split grade printing.

    3) Conversion calculator
    Conversion calculators for ratio, temperature, weight, volume as well as adjustment factor for enlarger height compensation.

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    Comments, suggestions, feedback much appreciated.