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    Hi There
    I have picked up an Agfa Sensor 500 to add to my overflowing collection of cameras from that era. I mainly picked it up because it has some pretty cool design features (e.g., the winder on the bottom left of the camera that also functions as the rewind with a flick of the lever, a quickload mechanism), and has (to me) an attractive industrial design (I am a sucker for German stuff from the 70's). It was also cheap. :whistling:

    I cannot find a manual on it in all the usual places, however. Does anyone know where there is a one?

    If no one knows where there is a manual, if there are any folks out there that have used one, I have a few questions:
    • I have the light meter functional (by an PR44? zinc-air battery wedged in place for the time being), but there is some "low light level" aid in the viewfinder, but I am not sure what it is supposed to do. In the upper part of the viewfinder this a yellow & green bar but it does not do anything even in different light levels. I am not sure if it is broken, or if I am just easily confused :wink:
    • Is the camera supposed to continue to shoot even in very low light levels? The shutter always fires even in a dark environment.
    • While the exposure seems to be working (the aperture is opening and closing different amounts in different light levels) I am wondering if the PR44 battery has enough juice in it for as I understand that a nasty old 625 mercury battery was pretty impressive from a power (if not, environmental) perspective. I am wondering if I am powering up the camera enough to get the aperture to be working but not fully turning all 'the lights on'. Should a PR44 type battery be enough for this beast? If not, any other recommendations?

    So if anyone knows where there is a manual, or is merely a good resource on this camera, could you let me know?


    I have found some info on the 500 that has answered some of my questions, such as