A new kind of Darkroom Workshop!

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    I am offering this to my Chinese students from Shanghai.
    Therefore I want to offer it to American students as well!

    It is specially created for senior year college students and newly graduates majoring in photography.
    Each student must have a basic understanding of photographic film based principles!

    6 Day Darkroom workshop, food and lodging and all darkroom materials included, $600

    1 student per workshop.

    Each student will learn the mastery of film processing and learn to make prints that stand out from others.
    (If you look around today it becomes very clear that not many people understand to make powerful black and white prints!)

    It is not just about technique. It is about seeing the image, about feeling the potential of each negative. And then apply a mastery of printing!

    It is a tough world out there for people entering professional photography.

    "Learn as much as you can and try to be the best in the business and you may have a decent chance!"

    For availability in 2009 please email me at:

    volquartz (at) volquartz.com

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