A Fungus Primer?

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    (This post is really about lenses for all camera formats, including MF and 35mm. I just posted it here because this forum seems to have the most activity.)

    I keep hearing about the occasional lens being destroyed by fungus. When I'm browsing on eBay for lenses, I see that many sellers point out that their lenses have no fungus. But I've never seen an example of what a lens with fungus looks like, or what it does to your image.

    I'll go ahead and assume that fungus is the death knell for any lens. Given that I'm pretty young and am investing in some quality camera equipment, I want to make sure that none of my lenses succumb to fungus. What precautions, if any, should I take?
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    I have lots of problems with fungus on our enlarger lenses -- they exist in a damp room in a damp climate.

    Store your lenses where it is reasonably dry (not down in the basement) and you will be fine. Fungus is usually found on lenses that were stored in a box for a long time where it is damp. Just use your lenses, don't drop them in the creek, wipe them off after photographing in the rain or mist, and store them dry, and you should have no problem.