72mm Super Angulon XL -- FEELER

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    Feb 22, 2012
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    I have a very nice 72mm SA XL I'm selling soon. I've been auctioning a few items without listing them in the classifieds section until now but I figured I'd give APUG a try this time. I'll donate 3 percent to the cause.

    This one is exc+ cosmetically with flawless glass and mechanics. I'd call it "mint minus" but I'd rather err on the conservative side. It's a beautiful lens. I'm selling mostly because I need the funds but I've also shifted what I'll be doing. I've decided to shoot only 6x12cm roll film and 8x10in. It'll be awhile before I'm financially able to do the latter but that's okay. At any rate, the 72 SA XL is a fabulous lens for 4x5 and 5x7 but will just barely do 3x10 and images that long/narrow will be few for me. I have a nice set of lenses for 6x12cm format so the 72mm needs to go. The original caps are included but I don't have the box.

    I figure US$1050 including USA CONUS shipping/insurance and PayPal will move it fast enough. If anyone is interested then I'll post images. It's a bit rainy right now so it might be a day or two before I can take photos.