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    I just completed assembling five Packard shutters onto various front mounting panels.
    All are number 6 Packards, four are 3" diameter, one is 3-1/2" diameter.

    There are two mounting styles; a Cokin ring type which fits any lens with standard front filter threads, the other variation is a fixed dimension collar with nylon clamping screws to grip the lens barrel. The textured rubber "traction band" has a positive, non-marking grip on the lens barrel.
    Here are two YouTube videos showing the mounting systems:

    The 3" shutters shown use modified Cokin mount systems, the 3-1/2" shutter is a Collar mount system.
    One shutter package includes Cokin compatible set-screw collars to fit brass Petzval lenses.

    I prefer real rubber bulbs, not the flabby baby "snot sucker" bulbs that have poor vacuum holding capability and sluggish shutter closing action. The 1 meter (40") long tube will not "baloon" under pressure like latex tubing so bulb pressure is firm and responsive within the entire pneumatic system.

    A bit about Packard Shutters:

    Some are confused about sizes: Packard's nomenclature states that the shutter Size is the diameter of the opening, not the external dimensions of the case.

    The number 6 (six) is "instantaneous" (1/25 second) by inserting a synchronizing pin into a ferrule in either the front or back of the shutter. Without the pin the shutter operates in #5 "bulb" mode, staying open as long as the bulb is pressed.
    Here's a YouTube video showing the operation of the #6 feature:

    More about my Packard shutter systems here:


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