2003 Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day-27 April

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    Feb 2, 2003
    The Third Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (WPPD3) will be celebrated all over the world on Sunday, 27 April 2003.

    Pinhole photography and other lensless picture-making processes offer a unique, creative way of looking at the world, opening our eyes to the essence of space, time, light, and image in a manner impossible to reach through a regular camera.

    This year WPPD3 keeps faithful to the global vision of its founders: to create a grassroots egalitarian event open to anybody, anywhere who is interested in pinhole photography and is willing to share their personal and magical views of the world.

    On Sunday 27 April, pinhole photography will be honoured in many ways: workshops, exhibits, lectures and special gatherings. But the true, major celebration will be the making of a unique, international lensless-photography web gallery, gathering all the participants' pictures made on that day and sent to the WPPD exclusive web site. In 2002, more than 900 pinholers from 35 countries, without distinction of age, background or prior photographic experience, sent their picture to the WPPD site; this gallery, accessible in 14 languages [​IMG], has been seen by thousands of visitors.

    Everyone is invited to participate and to join the hundreds of enthusiasts all over the planet: get your creative energy ready and enjoy the making of lensless pictures on 27 April. All participants will have until 31 May to select one image and post it on the gallery at www.pinholeday.org.

    WPPD is the result of the work of a group of volunteers from across the globe, brought together by their special awareness of how beauty and creativity may emerge through a tiny, simple hole in a light-tight box. Their combined efforts and individual skills contribute to make this event an ever-growing success, allowing more and more people to discover the beauty and mysteries of pinhole photography.

    For more detailed information about WPPD3 on 27 April and how to participate, visit the dedicated web site at www.pinholeday.org. There, besides admiring the galleries of work from WPPD1 and WPPD2 participants, you will also find useful information and links on pinhole photography to help you prepare for and become a part of WPPD3!

    Contact: support@pinholeday.org

    WPPD Coordinating Team:
    Tom Miller (USA - team leader)
    Zernike Au (Hong Kong)
    Jean Daubas (France)
    Bill Erickson (USA)
    Guy Glorieux (Canada)
    Gregg Kemp (USA)
    Edward Levinson (Japan)
    Guillermo Penate (Canada)
    Rosanne Stutts (USA)
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    I'll be participating!