16mm 100ft dev tank nearing completion

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    So me and my friend have almost finished building Mk I of my 100ft 16mm tank design, which can be scaled up to accomodate longer lengths or 35mm :smile:

    Just putting the finishing touches on it after the glue dries, then will be running 100ft of old 7245 50D tomorrow night in a custom developer recipe.

    We've filmed the various stages of construction and what everything is for on HD video, will vimeo that at some point.

    Guess I'll be able to submit the scanned footage from the 50D once I get it back since it was shot on film :wink:

    <many hours later>

    Sacrificed some ancient 100T to wrap around the inner core as a spiral, then cloth tape over the top and then stanley knifed out the film area, leaving the gaps in between the film with a helicial spiral of strip of cloth tape as a loading guide.

    Which took over 3 hours of cutting.

    Im going to be dreaming of that when I go to bed most likely. >.<

    I have a black elbow kind of joint that is for pouring in chemicals (loading must be done in dark, chemical pouring and emptying done in light) which is a light trap, everything is light and water tight so far.

    Just measured the cut out film, and its 86.5 feet. I only had 2 metres of pipe, and I calculated I -would- need 216cm after the fact and the film area is shorter than 2m anyway... so not bad for Mk I.

    Im probably high on 2-part glue fumes right now as I have the munchies.

    Tomorrow going to put the bumpers on the inner pipe to stop the film from bumping and touching the walls of the outer pipe.

    I think it should use about 3.8 litres of developer. I have a highly dilute colour recipe which seems to be working not too bad, will do another test and before I decide what I'll be developing with exactly.

    After the bumpers are placed in and test, its ready to use.

    It has a tap on the bottom for draining chemicals. Chemicals are poured in at the top, means Mk I of this tank maybe unsuitable for short processing times of the 3 minute mark, as the bottom gets more development upon pouring and filling up as well as draining.

    Mk II needs to find a serious alternative to make the loading guide (which also keeps the film from sliding over itself), perhaps a lathe with a slight shaving of the spiral into it.

    Will accurately test the volume tomorrow (wait that'll be today.. in the afternoon..)