11x14 mod - hmmm, I'm sure there's more to it.. (?)

Discussion in 'Camera Building, Repairs & Modification' started by nick mulder, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. nick mulder

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    May 15, 2005
    8x10 Format

    I want to build a 11x14 back for my Sinar P 8x10 (the one with the heavy duty rear standard) - it'll be relatively simple and made out of wood 'advanced picture framing' you might call it (I have etched glass previously with ok results) ...

    My lens is a Calumet Caltar-S 360mm - will I get much movement in 11x14 ? It seems to have a heap in 8x10 - I'm keen for tilt and dont want to be vignetting... Shift can wait, as I think just to centre the lens with the format I have to have the standards near their extremes anyway (and I've just realized that how the Sinar works the tilt will still be around the centre 8x10 axis - not 11x14) ...

    I may even just make a portrait-only back to cut down on work as I dont see me using 11x14 in landscape.

    I'll make the bellows simply also - a lycra 'stretchy' bellows set for around 1:1 mag and maybe another for higher (I have the extension rail) - It will have two overlapping covers for light tightness loose around it - a baffle of material basically with the lycra providing the support from being stretched (I never ever want to make a proper bellows again, what a bitch! and the thought of one that is square then tapers scares the bejesus outta me :wink:)

    So ...kinda like a bag bellows (well not really) but for long extension only - making sense ?

    Anyone have a 11x14 film holder spare they would like to send to New Zealand to get me outta taking these little itty-bitty 8x10's and put on my training wheels in 11x14 ? I'll pay the going rate ...

    You know ! that one you never use ! (I can only try huh) - either that or I go Wet Plate Collodion :tongue:

    more importantly (well, no seriously I do need a holder) - can you think of anything I haven't considered ?

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    Nov 21, 2004
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    I don't remember if that lens is like my Orbit which is a Symar-S or if it's the later Rodenstock. I know the Symar-S 300mm image circle is big enough for 11x14. So the 360 if you can carry it should be even better.