Camera Lucidia - Lucida, Optical Drawing Devices Plans 2016-02-07

Camera Lucidia - Lucida, Optical Drawing Devices Plans

  1. Mustafa Umut Sarac
    I found that easiest do it yourself camera lucida plan uses only a transparent glass plate or plastic plate , it is covered in pdf files and jpeg , other methods vary with your money or lens collection. It includes using a petzval or dagor or using a edmund scientific beam splitter with a mirror. There are 3 camera lucida manufacturers at the market and it varies from 45 dollars kickstarter project to same one at amazon for 99 dollars to 200 dollars ones from usa and england.
    Edmund scientific beam splitters starts from 29 dollars and climbs.

    Attached papers are the most complete papers on internet. There are too many variations and plans in these pages.

    Find second part of first pdf file at next post please.

    We are all artists and sometimes drawing would be more refreshing than cameras.

    Have a good time with pdf files,


    Mustafa Umut Sarac


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