The Babcock

The Babcock

I am doing some experimentation with Caffenol. I’ve used it for film but am now trying it for paper. This print is from a standard negative where the print was developed in Caffenol.
Billings, MT
Equipment Used
Minolta SRT-201
Film & Developer
HP5, D-76
Paper & Developer
Ilford MGRC, Caffenol Delta-Std, developed for 15 minutes, continuous agitation in drum on agitator base
Hybrid Materials & Processing
This is a scan of a 4x5 print
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I had no idea you could use caffenol for prints as well as film.

I hadn’t thought about it either but while musing on the topic I thought why wouldn’t it? I did a quick search and found plenty of references so I gave it a try. This week I’ll shoot some old Tri-X and then develop and print in Caffenol.

I’ve read about using beer and will be giving that a try too. We just had a charity event and one of my roles is to secure the beer donations for the after party. There was a fair amount left over and before I returned the kegs I grabbed a few growlers and took 5-gallons of a nice red ale into a car boy that I will use in baking. I have plenty to try for both film and paper developing.

Trying all these alternative approaches keeps me engaged, curious, and interested in photography.

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