Another darkroom question.

Discussion in 'Darkroom Equipment' started by kjsphoto, Aug 14, 2004.

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    Apr 21, 2004
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    Ok I am getting ready to frame in the walls and putthe roof on and I really need advice on the darkroom size.

    I have a 12x24 exterior deminision. And I had the darkroom set to 10x12 leaving me with an office / dry area to mount and cut mats of 14x12 minus the 2x4 and sheetrock.

    But when I designe dthe layout I didnt have a bathroom 3x5 and I added it. You never know and I do not wnat ot have to run into the house.

    So I want to pick up some room because of the loss. I want to be able to make up to 30" prints. If I moved the wall back to 9 or 8 foot 8x12 or 9x12 would this work?

    It would look like this;

    *************** -
    ****12L x 8W**** -
    *************** -
    *9W***** -*****-

    For 8' longer L. I would put the door from the
    outside at the L position.

    For 9' short L

    With the 8 and 9 I would have a slight L shape but with the 10" I would have a rectangle.

    The reason is that I already dropped in plumbing and layed the sub-floor today and I am not going to redo it as it is done.

    Any advice at this point would bt greatly apprecaited.


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    Feb 28, 2003
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    I don't understand exactly, but I just finished a new darkroom. It is 9 x 12. The old one was about 9x9. I now have a wet and dry side, each 12 feet long. Door in the middle of the 9 foot side. My counter (dry) is a little over 36 inches deep and the sink is 36 inches deep. I never done 30" prints. I have two enlargers, both Beselers. One for 35mm and 2 and 1/4, the other for 2 and 1/ 4 up to 8x10. I like the long counter.

    Sink is 3 x 8'. I'm going to add a wash sink at the end that is about 3 x 3 and a little lower.

    Finishing area is outside the darkroom door. Area not complete. I am planning a 3 foot deep, 3 foot high, 11 foot long counter for mounting and matting. I don't do production, so this is big enough for me. If I need more room I will turn the corner later with an extra counter.

    NIce to have the biffy nearby. I have one in the laundry room, just around the corner. Saves me running to the house.