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pandemic of 2020 - photo by photo.

This is a non-political group, for sharing photographs and observations of fact, of how the pandemic of 2020 is seen through your eyes and cameras and how you are coping or no, with the strangeness in much of this 'new' World.

We want members, like you, to show how they and others are living through thes e issues, from what is happening inside your homes, outside your window or door, and afield, in your day to day wanderings, to the store and other places.

Do no worry if your street is empty of life and there are a dozen photographs of the same thing already here, being seen and in discussion, your projects, from rearranging the furniture, your camera display, your hair or your sock drawer, to the homeless on your block, to the lack of kids playing in n the streets, parks and yards and the things people are doing to kill the pain of loss of work, illness and death in homes, and those rare persons who somehow make it bearable with hope and the joy odlf life.

All of it is welcomed, and we can even exchange artist's criticisms on how to better show what is/has happened.

We can also discuss, the in and out of getting our photographs, both digital and analog processed, and printed.

Suggestions of how to learn to make your own developers, stops and fixers, etc, with chemistry in everyday products and utilizing common items in newly put up dark rooms, for folks whom may no be able to continue to afford out of house processing.

You can also give tip on how you tweaked your digital images to best reflect what they capture.

There are many things that we can show and tell about, however there is, for now, a few things that will no be tolerated here, and these are the rules.

Political opinions, arguments, bickering and trolling for any reason, is no allowed, nor is the denouncement of members and visitors to this group, within Photrio.

There will also be no bullying or name calling.

If you violate these rules, your post will be taken down, and any pictures left in place with simple captions.

Repeatedly, breaking the rules, and disrupting others enjoyment of what I hope will in part be, a stress releasing outlet from the constant pressure of dooms day advocates, in the media and elsewhere, will get you blocked, for a period of one month and, if you are unable to simply post photographs,
with captions, and no political opinion, you will find yourself blocked for a even longer, indefinite period from this group.

I will be using the "Three strikes and you're out" rule, reserving exceptions or early ending of blocked members to myself.

We're all Adults, whom learned which buttons to push and which no to push, as children, which we no longer, are.

Be adult, enjoy each others work and conversation, and turn to each other as an outlet for whatever is on you mind in the coming days, and, hopefully, we will build a unique document of our times under the new terms of isolation and uncertainties.

I have already made an 'assignment for those whom want a challenge to start off with.

Simply photograph what's out side your door, windows, building roof top with safe access, or even what's going on, inside and post your photo here, together with the facts that go with your work/thoughts/vision's.

Now start thinking of your minds eye view of all this.

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