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Rolleiflex Automat - what am I missing?

  1. I've been shooting with an old Automat for a whole now (as it's a lighter daily carry than my Hasselblad!) and decided it might be nice to be able to do portraits as well as general photography. I know I need either a Rolleinar I or II for this, but I've run into a minor snag.

    My Automat is one of the earlier ones with the push on viewing lens and the Bay I taking lens. I thought I had purchased the right stuff to overcome that, but when I developed the first roll every shot came out blurry (shooting at approx f5.8 or so...). What am I missing? Is there a part I don't have or something I'm doing wrong? I've attached pics of the camera and the 3 pieces I have - Rolleipar Proxar II and a Rolleinar I and Rolleinar II. Any help would be much appreciated!

  2. You need one Rollienar I for taking lens and Rolleinar I + Rolleiproxar 1 for viewing lens. I belive Proxar I is for parallax error correction.

    Similarly, one Rolleinar II for taking lens and Rolleibar II + Rolleiproxar 2 for viewing lens.
  3. It looks to me like you need a Proxar 2 to go with the Rolleipar 2 on the upper lens, then you can use the Rolleinar 2 on the taking lens. This is assuming the Proxar 2 (which is what went with the older sets) is optically the same as the Rolleinar 2.

    The Rolleinar 1 that you have can be used on the taking lens, but you will need the Rolleipar 1 and Proxar 1 push on lenses for the viewing lens.

    In other words, you need three matched lenses for each closeup set (ie, 1 or 2). And I believe the viewing lens attachments will have to be the Proxar versions to work with the push-on attachment, since your viewing lens doesn't have the bayonet mount.
  4. You can do it w/ just one lens, but it is a PITA. Put the camera on a tripod and hold the close up lens to the front of the viewing lens. Attain focus, & put the close up lens on the taking lens. Take your shot & repeat as needed (or until your model loses patience). I did this on a 2.8, but on that model the top and bottom lenses had matching bayonets. It looks like yours is different top to bottom on the Automat.
  5. Wow

    G-R-E-A-T camera. Wish I still had mine. Enjoy!
  6. Oh, so the Proxar just corrects for parallax? I thought it had a Rolleinar built in. :S

    Is there any place you can think of to get a full set (with one push on and one Bay I lens)?
  7. No, no, no, Proxar is the name of the Carl Zeiss made close-up lenses.

    This is how it is:

    For Rolleiflex in the 30's and 40's Zeiss made the Proxar close-up lenses. The came in sets in these mounts:

    1 x 24 mm and 1 x 28,5 mm push-on for the Original Rolleiflex.

    2 x 28,5 mm push-on for the Rolleiflex Standard, early Rolleicords without bayonets, and they can also be used on the Rolleicord II type 2 - type 6, and the early Rolleiflex Automats, since they can accept push-on accessories.

    1 x 28,5 mm push-on and 1 x Bayonet 1, for the 1937-38 Rolleiflex Automat and Rolleicord II type 2 and 3, with bayonet on the taking lens only.

    2 x Bayonet 1, for the 1939 Rolleiflex Automat and later, and the Rolleicord II, type 4 and later.

    For these sets you could buy the parallax compensating prism Rolleipar/Rolleiparkeil to be used on the viewing lens.

    From 1950 the close-up lenses were made by F&H under their own tradename Rolleinar, and came in bayonet mounts. First in three-piece sets, the lenses plus the Rolleiparkeil parallax compensation prism, and later in two-piece sets with the prism anc lens in one unit for the viewing lens.

    What you want is either the Proxars in 2 x 28,5 mm push-on, or better, the set with 1 x 28,5 mm push-on and 1 x Bayonet 1, plus the Rolleipar in 28,5 mm push-on mount.

    But bear in mind that close-up lenses give the lens a wider angle and can distort the face a bit, like giving the person photographed a bigger nose. (The Proxar was also sold as a simple wide angle accessory lens for large format cameras, and the Distar minus lens as a simple "tele" accessory lens). You can shoot portraits without Proxar/Rolleinar and crop during printing instead, if you don't really need to fill the whole negative.
  8. +1, JPD.

    Here is what needed, for first Automat, if it is with a Rolleinar 1; for the viewing lens, put first the Proxar 1 push-on and then the Rolleipar (für Proxar 1) on it; and put the Proxar B1 on the taking lens.
    However, all the Automat's but the later MX-EVS (K4B) can accept push-on accessories on both lenses.
  9. Oh, cool! These last two posts really helped me figure out what I need. Where's the best place to get them? Just trolling eBay until they show up?
  10. Cool! Thanks for the heads up! Got em...
  11. http://www.kevincameras.com/ normally has these things in stock, but you may find a better price on the bay. Not always, however. I find kevin cameras prices fair.
  12. Nice! I suggest that you keep the sets in two clearly marked boxes. It's frustrating when you can't find one or two of the parts when you want to use them. :smile:
  13. Yeah, will do. :smile:

    Also, thanks for the Kevin Camera link! Never heard of them before, so it's always neat to hear about a new (to me) supply place...
  14. You'll find the prices of KevinsCameras to be double to triple the so-called street price.
  15. The Proxar/Rolleinar for the taking lens has a female bayonet so you can use filters on it. The Duto/Rolleisoft filter has also a female bayonet, so if you want to take romantic close portraits you can use the soft filter on the Proxar, and coloured filter on top of that! Lots of possibilities. :cool:
  16. I have the same camera and have been trying to figure this out - this thread is a godsend. Thank you apug!
  17. I picked up Rolleinar I(Bay I, two parts) and Rolleinar II(Bay I, two parts) for Euro 35. If you wait you will get it.

    But, I find Rolleinar I more comfortable to work than II. Since II can bring you very close to the subject.
  18. Just placed orders for the Rolleinar I; Proxar, both push & bayo I; and Rolleipar for Proxar I. Thanks again guys!
  19. Have fun. With good lighting and with good subject you can have lots of fun with Rolleinar et al.
  20. Yeah, I can't wait to try it out. Thanks so much to everyone who commented!
  21. So I got one of the items off eBay today - what combo do I have to install these in? Here's the pics:
  22. That was quick!

    The bayonet Proxar 2 on the taking lens, the push-on Proxar 2 on the viewing lens. Then the Rolleipar für Proxar 2 on the push-on Proxar on the viewing lens. It should have a marking for which way is up. <-->

    Here's one of my Rolleflex Standards with its push-on Proxars. It's the same for your Rolleiflex, except that it has a bayonet on the taking lens:

  23. +1 JPD.
  24. Oh my gosh, that was so helpful. Thanks so much JPD!
  25. It's a pleasure to help other Rollei users!

    An interesting use for the Rolleipar is to use it on the taking lens (without a Proxar) if you're taking pics of a high building, like a church, to eliminate converging parallels. With a Rolleipar upside-down on the taking lens you don't have to tilt the camera upwards. (source: Das Rolleiflex-Buch 1938). :smile: