For Sale Price drop - Canon Ftb w/ Canon Fd 50 mm, f1.4 lens

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Oct 10, 2009
Rehoboth, MA
I am the original owner of this camera and lens and can attest that both have been well maintained and carefully cared for.

This Ftb is in EX condition and all functions work properly. Shutter speeds sound correct, the self timer and MLU work and door/mirror foam is good. I do not have a 1.35 or 1.4v battery to test the meter, but using a 1.5 v PX625 battery the meter reads w/in a stop of my hand held meter. I will include two battery adapters from Jon Goodman so a hearing aid battery can be used. I will also include a Jon Goodman door and mirror foam kit which I bought for another camera and did not use. (Not shown in the photos.) The original manual is also included.

The Canon 50 mm, f1.4mm lens is likewise in EX condition both mechanically and cosmetically. Aperture settings are tight and crisp and the aperture blades are clean and “snappy”. There is no dust, fungus or scratches on the glass. It comes with the original rear cap and an after-market front screw on cap. Included are a metal Canon BS-55 hood and a Canon haze filter. Note: this is the original breech lock mount lens, not the later Fdn mount version. It is meant to be used on Canon manual focus film cameras with the Fd mount. It can be used on some digital cameras with the proper adapter. With the lens I will also include a Hoya polarizing filter and a Vivitar yellow filter. (Not shown in pictures.) I often used these with this lens.

I would much prefer to sell the camera and lens together, and the price for the kit is $155.00, plus postage. The price for the camera alone is $35.00 and for the lens alone is $135.00, again, plus postage. CONUS shipping only.

I accept paypal, a USPS money order, or Certified Bank Check. I prefer to ship via USPS Priority Mail for its careful handling and great tracking.



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