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Photrio Symposium | Toronto May 10-13th

  1. Hi All,

    Some huge news for us. Photrio is joining forces with Bob Carnie and Carissa Ainslie from Toronto-based Alternative Photo Services to present the inaugural Photrio Symposium in May.

    This four-day event is jam-packed with programming for photographers in various stages of their careers, with printing and shooting workshops and lectures covering a range of topics from fine art to commercial. The main focus of this event is education.

    Happening during CONTACT, we have incorporated two exhibitions as a part of the events.

    You can find further details throughout our main events site here: Dead Link Removed

    *Tickets will be available soon.

    Bob and Carissa have put together an amazing event, it has been an absolute pleasure working with them. Photrio.com will be following the event closely, providing news, updates, an event gallery and more.

    Additional details to come. Feel free to post any questions in this thread.

  2. Looks fantastic! Wish I could go, but it does not mesh with my teaching holidays unfortunately.
  3. I'm sure it will be a real treat for those that attend. Wish I could make it, but calves will still be hitting the ground.
  4. I would like to see a list of demonstrations, sessions, topics and speakers.

  5. Dead Link Removed has much of the program, though there are many TBAs, too.
  6. OK, I found the buttons on the top. Now for the TBAs to be filled.
  7. Patience , we are filling these out on a daily basis.
  8. Ha! Around here?! :D
  9. We are trying to engage speakers that can give us a well rounded approach to Photography. We are approaching many people right now and until we get each persons blessing they are not listed, I imagine within one week we will have 80-90% of our content finalized
    The first APUG conference in 2016 was the same way and we did have over 130 apugers attend ,
  10. This is exciting! I'm hoping to attend.
  11. I'm really hoping I can go this time (didn't make the one way back when). The hard work putting this together is appreciated!!
  12. Austin you will be most welcome. Toronto in May during Contact is an exciting time.
  13. Thanks Bethe, we plan to do this quite often with Sean's blessing, the Toronto event will be large as it is our home town and easy for us to manage, but we are hoping to make this a road show.

    One thing that is important , without an audience there is no show.... our experience tells us that this site in the past provided a base for us to work from, we know with 5 - 10 local colleges and universities
    we will get students, and as well the local art groups and associations will support us, not to mention our Sponsors help. This year we are very happy to have B3K onboard to give us the finances to book our locations.
  14. looks fantastic bob !
    my fingers are crossed i will be able to get away
    i wasn't able to to to the 1st one ...

    i might not be able to know until the last minute ..
    will tickets be available at "the door" or is everything
    only going to be pay in advance ?
  15. In a perfect world all the tickets will be pre sold for all the events... I think the workshops will fill as the photographers teaching them are really well known locally so they will fill fast. The main event hall will handle 200plus people
    I am sure we can fit you in last minute...
    You should try to put some of your work in the Lonsdale Show, this goes for many of you here, this show is all about what we do and I can vouch for many of you as serious long time workers. The Lonsdale show is a feature in Contact and is going up for 2 months, their goal is to have over 500 pieces of Alternative work =(includes silver- hint lith hint ) If anyone here wants to apply send me an email and I can introduce you to the powers to be at the Gallery.

  16. I have rarely been accused of being patient. Do you really expect me to change that?
  17. We can only hope, Would be nice to see some of you California Folks come to this event
  18. My tickets are booked for this, can't wait. I've also been working my ass off in the darkroom this past couple weeks making prints to apply to get into the show.
  19. Have you talked with Simone yet?, if not I will put you in touch with her to confirm you slot.
  20. To intice some of you to come we will be having artist talks where you get 15 min and then the hook comes out and drags you kicking and screaming off the stage.

    this is aimed at photographers currently or ready to start showing their work and doing artist talks.

    Artist Presentations
    Interested in speaking about your work?

    Each day during the symposium, the 2pm-3pm time slot is reserved for four artists to give brief 15 minute lectures about their work. The slideshows will be prepared in advance, and the time limit will be strict.

    If you would like to book a slot, please contact Carissa


    I can tell you from working with her Carissa is strict but fair...
  21. Sadly, I already have a conflicting event, and it's also our daughter's college graduation. So no go for us.

    However, I would encourage everyone else to go. Bob and Carissa are great hosts, and it's exciting to see a photo event for photographers!
  22. Will there be beer?
  23. Am I shorter than 5 foot 5??
  24. More importantly, will Bob and Dinesh be there, and in the same room together?
  25. Dinesh and I are good friends, but I got rid of a phone because of him...
  26. Yup you put us in touch and I have all the details, thanks Bob.
  27. @ Bob Carnie, IIRC it's been about 10 years since there was a symposium in Toronto. I have a couple of flickr pools one for film photography and analogue photography in Canada, plus two more for alternative and LF photography. Give me the nod and I'll post the event in those pools
  28. Hi Jan - abosolutely please post in these pools we would greatly appreciate it.

    On thing not mentioned but a % of net profits is going directly back to PHOTRIO to help build this site and by doing so the goal is to encourage more workers like us to join , contribute and learn.
  29. We are going to be announcing a Silver Workshop component shortly to this Symposium... We are getting excited about the overall content of the workshop leaders and as well the Main Hub lecture Series.
  30. Just added Mike Robinson,, Lorne Wolk and Robert Hill as speakers.
  31. Would love to attend but I think that timeframe is all tied up.
  32. Ticket Prices are live now and there is a Early Bird... by mid next week the full lineup will be live as well..
  33. Are there any plans to try and set up a discounted rate with any hotels in the area?
  34. That is something we can consider but frankly with Air B &B I doubt we can make anything worthwhile happen, but will look into it .
  35. It's a shame this is right after the PPOC convention in Vancouver. Hopefully it'll be a huge success and I'll be able to make it out next year (also hoping it'll be in my neck of the woods again next year).
  36. As we get closer , Sean, Carissa and I will be blogging, marketing, and basically pushing this symposium... We believe there is something here for anyone and in South Western Ontarian Slang... its worth the drive to Acton.


    This is the event that launches the Symposium on Thursday evening., Wow all wet prints can you imagine, Wow people from this Site in the show, Wow a Feature Show in Contact...
    more subtle propaganda still to come , stay tuned.
  37. looks awesome - hope its a massive success.

    May is a bit soon for me to sort my life out but I'd def be up for next one. Never been to Canada either so it would make it the perfect excuse
  38. Spoiler alert.. if the first one in Toronto works out... then San Fran and Montreal are the next stops. South Western France between Lyon and Spain (small town) is a distinct possibility for 2019

    We have sponsorship in place right now and we have made lots of pre sell on tickets but remember and this is important... Without an Audience there is no show.. We think we are putting together a really jammed packed weekend of education for everyone with lots of wonderful events in the evenings, not to mention Contact Photo Festival is on at the same time so hundreds of gallerys with photo shows are up.

    Each location will be different in how we approach the city, and some will be smaller and more focused than others.
  39. Bob, best of luck with this. I hope it is a big success.
  40. Thanks Michael we are in talks to come to Montreal this Fall as well.

  41. Go West, young man!
    (I know about your presence at Capture in Vancouver this year).
  42. We are starting with San Fran, and yes as Carissa is in Vancouver for our three Capture shows at the Playground, we are trying to meet with people that can help us make this a reality.
    Capture did not accept any of our shows as features which kind of pissed me off but maybe we did not try hard enough or know the right people .
    Our presence in Vancouver this year will be a good start to actually meet people and see if we can make it happen... I am particularly fond of Vancouver Island and would imagine
    a incredible Photrio Symposium could be worked out.
    One thing we have learned is that we need really solid help on ground to make this happen, which includes all facets of the Photo Community. Here in Toronto (my home) we know a lot of good supporting people that want to make this first one (second actually 2006) a real success.
  43. It is Canada, of course there will be beer.
  44. Here is a prom video I hope all interested could share .. it talks about a photographers weekend this month and as well the Symposium

  45. Great video Bob, your team are doing an amazing job!
  46. Bob, I've posted the "Connect photo weekend" info and link in the "Toronto Film Shooters" FB page
  47. Thank you Jan, much appreciated.
  48. Exciting news! I'm planning to go.
  49. There's a Toronto Film Shooters FB page? Gonna join.....
  50. It will be great to have you around Art, lots of people you will know and lots of new and exciting people you don't
  51. If there hadn't been an ocean in between, I would have loved to participate. I beleive and hope everything will work out fine.

  52. Karl - we are actively looking at a location in France for 2019,

  53. I'll be there all week too. Doing my usual rounds at Contact. Wish I had more time to have a show myself. Another year when I'm not so busy. (Yeah, right....)

    Regards, Art
  54. It will be great to see you Art , the events each night will prove to be excellent.
  55. Great to see some familiar names on the list! Really wish I could go...I'm sure it'll be fantastic!
  56. I just can't wait to see this show it's going to be amazing.
  57. thank your wife for that lovely well thought out gift.. my friend
  58. I just met with Simone and Chad from the Lonsdale Gallery... this show has work from Yukon, Nanimo, Oregon , LA, Australia, Texas, Saskatchewan , Michigan, Philly, New York , Quebec, Ontario , British Isles, and elsewhere , I was overwhelmed looking at the variety and process, the show is up for two months and already we think it will have lineups to see it , not to mention being a Feature in Contact.

    the second night we get Brendan Meadows at Liss Gallery , a large show of Lith Prints from digital negatives very fashonistic(is that a word) and the third night Sasha Wolf speaks followed by a Wrap Party featuring a large selection of hand printed Silver Lith prints of Corey Wilyman.
    I think there is something this weekend for everyone... from Phase Demo's , CAPIC downstair talks, various specialists talking about their work and projects...

    Not to mention the workshops at West side studios and the printing workshops at my Lab... All in All its a big venture and I hope to see a large group of APUGers as this is being tailored made for this community.

    Lots of press coming up and lots of feature plugs so hang tight we are just getting started in Marketing this full on.
  59. Big thanks to you Bob and Carissa for making this all happen!
  60. Has anyone signed up for the shooting workshops at West Side Studios? I'm looking at either Dead Link Removed or Dead Link Removed. I realize it will be all digital and I have no problem with that, I'll bring my DSLR and maybe the Mamiya as well. I find the description of these workshops a bit generic and vague. Not all that crazy about the images on their websites either. Too much post-processing for my taste. But I'll likely still learn a few things about lighting etc. So ... what are your thoughts on this?
  61. Chris Gordaneer is considered one of Canada's top Commerical advertising photographers with an incredible background... I do know that on all the workshops you will not be shooting or using your camera, the leaders are taking you from setup to final shoots in all cases and will be using Phase One and Broncolour systems. Westside is a brand of high quality and we imagine a lot of students, assistants and working photographers will take these courses... Chris specializes in Portraits, Liam in Food, and Niki on Fashion.

    Chris has been my friend for over 20 years and a lot of his ex assistants are in great positions all over the world and I still work with a lot of them.
  62. We also know that a lot of Aussies work is in the Lonsdale show and its good for the international content to spread the word about Photrio.
  63. Thanks Bob, that's helpful info.
  64. This thread is pretty quiet! I'm super excited to be heading to Toronto in a few weeks. It was a tough choice but I ended up booking workshops all three days and I am also looking forward to seeing as many of the gallery shows/openings as I can as well. I got a few prints accepted into the Red Light show which is also exciting (and terrifying).

    Who else is going? Hopefully I get the chance to put some faces to names from people on the board here.
  65. I delivered 60 pieces earlier today, and I know they are just finished framing the Aussies work... Massive undertaking and still the hang to come.. I am excited to see this show.

    Many people from Photrio in this show as well some from Large Format Photography Group.
  66. Anthony , I am surprised as well as the quietness on this symposium here, but I know you are going to have a great time, three days full of workshops and three evenings of gallery shows.. with kindred spirits.. you will have a blast.
  67. I'm quiet because I'm jealous I can't go. :mad:

    Just kidding - it looks like a great event. Hopefully, one of these times, I'll be able to attend one of them. Right now, here in Kyoto, we have Kyotographie going on, and it's been really inspiring to see what other photographers are doing out there. I went to a collotype workshop last weekend which was really fun.
  68. APUG has lost its luster. Other film sites have more vibrancy, diversity, and genres. Regardless, I'm excited to go to the Symposium, still support APUG, and take loads of shots on film.

    Regards, Art
  69. 17675 views on the Kodachrome thread in less timeline than the Symposium timeline , Yes I do think this site has changed since the first APUG conference in 2006,

    On a positive note we think we will have a good turnout from the Toronto GTA photo community.. the show at Lonsdale, Liss Gallery and Wrap Party show at 918 all are looking to be packed, I think anyone coming from Photrio is going to have
    a very good time.
    Looking forward to seeing all the members.
  70. But is that not normal for a film topic compared to a gathering topic?
    I mean, people who for sure will not attent due to distance have likely not that big interest on reading what is going on there.
  71. And for those of us who really want to go, but can't swing the 10,000 km of travel (in total) and accommodation, it may be that it is just a way of dulling the disappointment.
  72. Please name said other film sites.
  73. I just joined FB this year and have been amazed with some of the groups that I have joined, they have a some of the same people that have left here on them and are very , very active.
    this caught me off guard to say the least. Toronto Film Shooters is one that though I do not participate is quite active, as well there are groups on Gum, PT PD , Digital Negs that I have found very helpful. I hope that the Photrio FB page gets more active.

    I feel there is a very strong history , with a fantastic archive of information, but the activity is not as great as it was and we as oldtimers here should help figure out ways of getting this site known..

    Hence PhotrioSymposium which is directing people here on every marketing blast... Today we sent out AKIMBO adds that has quite a reach as well. Sean will be able to tell me if post Symposium he saw increase in traffic. Thats what we are hoping to achieve
    over the next few weeks.
    Not so sure.. we are actively looking for other locations near you and others to host, the first APUG conference had over 130 visiting members from outside Ontario ,and had very strong backing from the manufacturers. This time we are trying to figure out how to make
    this a long standing tradition in Toronto during Contact so that people know of Photrio and that there is a meeting place of like minds every year or so. Maybe with this in mind you can attend the European event if it becomes available or make a family visit to Toronto one of these years and not only visit a great city but also meet a lot of like minded people.

    btw .. Kodachrome is gone.... the way of the dodo bird.. there are new games in town.
  74. We just spent 10 days in Vancouver and 5 days in San Francisco working on building interest and a base.. I can tell you this is hard , but not impossible.
    Our next Journey is going to be Montreal this fall , as there is a very strong and vibrant welcome there for our efforts.

    San Fran and Vancouver may be wrapped around the timeline of Capture next year which is April.. We met with Beau Photo, Emily Carr, CAPIC and other groups and are trying to see if we can generate a small Symposium in both locations. What we have learned this time around is that one needs to be in ones own turf to wrangle all the situations, we think we have put together a pretty good show starting with the Red Light show at Lonsdale with over 350 pieces that are now hung, and many international pieces, as well as many Photrio members involved.
    Liss Gallery will host Brendan Meadows from Vancouver who has made a Unique show of digital neg's to Lith prints on Art 300 , and Saturday evening the keynote is Sasha Woolf followed by a show by Cory Wilyman that are enlarger lith prints from his travels in India.

    Tagging exhibits in the evenings alongside speakers in the day , sprinkled with a few Workshops seems to be what is working out for us this time around.
  75. Say no more. I don't do Facebook.
  76. Just pointing out one persons observations.. I can understand why you do not like FB , personally I like it.
  77. I’ll be attending. I’m really looking forward to meeting folks who have only had web presence for me so far. Schmoozing with the like-minded is why. I look forward to future events in Vancouver, which will be quite a bit closer to home.
  78. Just make sure you get to Lonsdale before 7pm or in the first hour, the last show I printed for Rita Leistner had a block long lineup and people stood out side for awhile, This show has the makings of the same kind of turnout. Also I want to get pics of all the people with their art who are coming long distance.. A woman from Austrailia is coming to this so You are close to winning the prize for long distance , some coming from Texas and Anthony from Yukon. I will introduce you to as many people as I can.
  79. While I’m in TO, where should I go to pick up some film and paper, maybe some camera gear to re-home on my western isle?
  80. +1 I won’t be there for the symposium (as a teacher it will never happen because of the set dates) but I do plan to be in Toronto later this year in September. Hopefully there will be some interesting shows, events, or workshops on while I’m there.
  81. Downtown Camera pretty much is it in Toronto. Film Plus does also cater to our tribe, but Downtown has current fresh stock all the time, Ask for George or tell them you know me. may get you a discount, or thrown out of the store.
  82. Hello All

    We are tightening the weekend event see here for what is coming , over the next 11 days you may get sick of me posting..Dead Link Removed
  83. Have fun this weekend!
  84. Bob, Carissa and their team have done an amazing job! I'll have a dedicated open gallery setup on Photrio for images and videos of the event so we can keep track. Stay tuned..
  85. Really wish I could have gone myself but sadly work would not allow....
  86. The only Toronto store which has something left for film and at the floor I'm confident with is Downtown Camera. Vistek doesn't have anything on the floor and Henry's shrink it to small stand at their main store.
    If you are driving, I recommend Burlington Camera. They have basement full of film supplies and all kind of enlarges. 4x5 and others for next to nothing price. And different films on main floor wich is heavily loaded with film cameras.
  87. Thanks, Ko. Fe. I’m coming from BC, so I won’t be driving to Hamilton area. The Downtown camera store is fairly close to where I’ll be staying, so that’s the one I’ll hit.
  88. tell them your with the Symposium.. Downtown is one of our sponsors.
  89. All the best to all attendees, organizers and sponsors! Wish I could have made it.
  90. Have a great show guys! We'll post images and updates as they come in. The Symposium gallery is up and running.

  91. On my way to the airport now. Looking forward to the event.
  92. Just wrapped up the tin type workshop with Horst Herget. It was great! I had a couple of firsts today: first time doing wet plate (or any alternative process) and first time working with a large format camera. I learned a lot. Horst was great and is a natural teacher. We covered handling chemistry, coating plates, getting exposure right, developing and washing and also varnishing to finish. Very cool stuff. We got to do multiple plates on our own. Big thanks to Horst and a big thank you to Carissa and Bob for organizing and hosting.
  93. Crap! I'm suppose to take course there now....
  94. +1 !
  95. Need this much energy for Bob's gum course today. Just saying....

  96. I barely made from GTA west end to the Gallery yesterday. It was so nice to see so many analog prints. Very educative for me. Thanks for participants and organizers!


    I liked Bob's bobber! :smile: