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Hasselblad Lenses 50mm ***SOLD***

  1. For sale are two Zeiss lenses for the Hasselblad V system (500, 501 and 503 series). Both have perfectly running shutters and clean aperture blades.

    50mm F4 Zeiss Distagon T* CF-FLE floating element lens. Serial number dates this one to 1996. Excellent, clean condition except for one tiny mark on the middle of the front lens. The latter is small enough that I never saw it until now, and I don’t think you can see it in the photo. Included are the hood, front and rear caps, and a generic UV filter. $440 ***SOLD***

    150mm F4 Zeiss Sonnar T* CF lens. Serial number is from 1992. Also in excellent condition with pristine glass. Front and rear caps and hood included. $295 ***SOLD***

    Prices include shipping in the CONUSA and PayPal fees.

    Also note my other ad for a 501CM outfit with other accessories.

    Thanks for looking.
  2. The 150mm Sonnar has sold.

    The 50mm Distagon CF-FLE is now reduced to $525 shipped.
  3. The 50 Distagon FLE is still available, now $440 shipped
  4. Both 50 and 150 lenses are now sold.
  5. perfect set-up;ideal kit