Zeiss Super Ikonta IV Frame Overlap Solution

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    I have a Zeiss Super Ikonta IV camera and, as many of you know, they commonly have a problem with frames overlapping due to the difference in the thickness of the film they were designed for versus the thickness of films made today.

    I've been fussing around, trying to come up with a simple solution.

    Some advise putting a couple rounds of tape on the takeup spool. Others advance the leader a bit farther when loading the film. Still others wrap a couple of inches of used backing paper on the takeup spool.

    I think I've come up with an idea that's simple, quick and effective: Gaffer's tape.

    It's easy. Just stick a two inch long piece of gaff tape to the head of the leader after you thread the camera, immediately before you wind the arrow on the leader to the starting mark. Close the camera, advance to the first frame then shoot normally.

    Most gaffer's tape is two inches wide so you just tear off a piece of tape that's as long as it is wide, roughly square, then slap it on. You're done.

    If you don't want to carry a roll of tape with you in the field you can simply tear off pieces of tape and stick them on the film boxes when you are packing your gear. Then you load the film, peel the tape off the box and apply it as you load. While you are at it, stick an extra piece on the box to use later when you finish the roll. You can put the exposed roll back in its box and tape it shut and you'll have a little extra protection for your film while you carry it around.

    I've done this on the last three rolls I shot with this camera and it worked every time.

    You don't have to pre-wrap extra spools with tape and carry them around in the field. You don't have to carry around scrap pieces of backing paper with you and fuss around winding them up on the spool every time you load. Aside from the fact that you have to remember to cut a piece of tape for every roll of film you use, you don't have to do anything special. Just stick a piece of gaff tape on each box of film you buy then put them into your camera bag and forget it.

    I also understand that other cameras of this vintage also have a similar problem with frames overlapping. I don't see why this trick wouldn't work with them, either.

    Gaffer's tape really can fix everything! :D
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    I always have gaffers tape in all my bags.
    Sounds like a winner.