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    Apr 7, 2005
    As interest in Collodion processes has grown signifigantly in the past 2 years, we've developed a pre-mixed Wetplate kit to make it more accessible.

    Our first kit is based on Quinn Jacobson's popular "quick clear" formula.


    The Complete Set - $196
    350ml Salted Collodion Solution A
    150ml Salted Collodion Solution B (Makes 500ml when mixed)
    250ml 10% Silver Nitrate Solution
    100ml Glacial Acetic Acid
    1 liter Ferrous Sulfate Developer Concentrate (dil. 1:1)
    1000g Sodium Thiosulfate Fixer
    250ml Sandarac Varnish
    pH testing strips
    Alcohol Spirit Lamp
    1.00-1.25sg Hydrometer
    100ml Glass graduated cylinder
    1x funnel
    3x Amber glass bottles
    1x 1 liter plastic bottle

    We also have a complete line of chemistry for Wetplate at:

    If you have any questions about our products, please call us at 1-877-817-4320.


    Dana Sullivan