Viewfinder for TOYO 4x5 CF.

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    Dec 28, 2004
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    Hello, I recently acquired a 4x5 TOYO CF which I love because it is so light. Now, the camera has an accessory shoe at the top. I checked all the TOYO sites and there is no information as to the use of this accessory shoe. I was hoping that there might be a accessory viewer available (the camera is light enough to hold in one hand and hoping to use it without using a tripod and the ground glass) , like on my Graphics but nothing. Any suggestions?

    Reghards, Bogdan
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    just an FYI, its not really gonna be feasible to try and focus the camera. There isn't any rangefinder that is calibrated to a lens, similar to the old "press" cameras such as the Graflex, etc...

    Now, if you intend on shooting it like a p+s, fixed focus at say, infinity, then you'll just focus the lens on the g/g, lock the focus, and if you can find a suitable v/f(I don't know of one off hand) that matches your chosen lens' field of view, then you can go to town :smile:.

    But if you try to focus the camera handheld, I believe you'll end up with a bunch of out of focus, blurry sheets/rolls of film.