Vestal/Weber Workshop

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    Dec 7, 2005
    David Vestal and Al Weber together again in Montana. How could you miss this! These two guys are scheduled to come again June 20-25. If you have ever wanted to learn from a couple of Masters with over 100 years experience between them this is your chance. This isn't just another darkroom class, this is David Vestal and Al Weber spending 5 days giving their life experience and knowledge of the entire Photography business, and process to anybody that wants to show up and take this class.
    If you don't know these names then do a Google search and you will be shocked that this much knowledge will be coming to Workshops in Montana.
    I could go on and on but you can see the class description and our entire workshop schedule @, or call us at 800-922-5255 and we will send you a brochure.
    Workshops in Montana is one of the few remaining wet workshop facilities left offering a full line of darkroom and alternative process workshops. Most students say that the food was worth the trip, and the scenery and Montana rockies is just a bonus. We are only 85 miles from Glacier Park and it is celebrating its 100 year anniversary this summer. So make a trip of it and see why we are here.