Upcoming Workshops and New Studio Space at Project Basho

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    Hi everyone,

    We just wanted to update on what is going on at our studio.

    Upcoming Classes and Workshops
    We are in the final stage of tweaking the color darkroom. We hope to have a public test run in a week or so to make sure that everything works properly. Also, we will soon be offering Introduction to Color Printing. This is a perfect opportunity for those who know how to print B&W, but have never had the chance to learn color printing.

    We are bringing a carbon printing workshop to Philadelphia. Carbon printing is one of the most archival photographic processes. Kevin Martini's workshop will cover everything from the making of tissue to developing.

    Also, we are offering a one day workshop on matting and framing photographs. Framed photographs give a sense of completion and can be learned with some practice.

    In April, we are inviting Diana Bloomfield to offer "Beyond Literal" - a workshop for those who want to take their photography to the next level. Diana will offer tools and insights as to how to make your work more personal.

    Also, people have started signing up for other workshops that are coming soon like Pinhole Photography Workshop by Scott McMahon, Gum over Platinum and Wet-Plate Collodion by Kerik Kouklis. If you are interested in these workshops, we recommend you contact us to ensure your space.

    New Studio Space and New Programs
    Partly financed by the fundraising print sale and auction, we have started the second phase of construction to finish an 800 sq ft space. This spacious and expansive room with a 14' ceiling will become a multi-purpose room which serves as a lecture room, a gallery space, and a rental studio.

    One of our plans is to showcase interesting and exciting photography exhibitions starting this Fall. We hope to become an active gallery and work with other galleries in the neighborhood. We will be one of a few in Philadelphia which is dedicated to photography.

    Also in the studio, we will start showing photography-related movies on a monthly basis - anything from documentary to fiction where photography plays an importnat role. Screenings are open to anyone and free of charge. If you have recommendations, please feel free to contact us.

    Again, much of this phase of construction has been realized thanks to the fundraising print sale and auction. Thank you again to those who participated and supported our project. Also we want to remind you that the fundraising print sale is ongoing.

    If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you again for your interest in our project. Hope to see you soon at the studio.

    Tsuyoshi Ito
    1305 Germantown Ave.
    Philadelphia, PA 19122