Travel Photography Workshop-Creating a marketable travel story

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    I'll be teaching a workshop at the Charleston Photo Workshops the first week of August.
    Charleston is a visual playground for a Travel Shooter. Join us. Should be a blast.
    After 25 years, 3 million miles and over 3000 nights in hotel I am excited to get to share what I know so well.
    The best travel photography captures the spirit and character of a place through its people, culture, food and landscape. This workshop, directed towards advanced amateurs and professionals, focuses on photographing travel stories for editorial or stock use.
    We will begin by reviewing a few successful travel stories and will demystify the process of visual storytelling, breaking it into easily managed elements. Our topics include:

    • Managing equipment and lighting
    • Discovering ways of approaching people.
    • Developing expectations for working with hotels and lodging.
    • Approaching chefs, restaurants and food.
    • Photographing personality portraits on location.
    We will also discuss focusing broad story ideas into manageable and successful shoots.
    Participants will undertake field assignments to build a visual narrative of the city that Conde Nast Traveler named the #1 in the US. These assignments may include historic architecture at sunrise on The Battery or sunset at a seafood dive, historic plantations, shopping on King Street and life in the marshes.
    Expect full days, shooting from first light to last and beyond. When the sun is harshest at midday, we’ll download and critique our images before heading out again for evening light.
    By the end of the week participants will have learned how to develop story ideas, gain access to private business and potential subjects, prepare and pack for a travel photography trip and produce a diverse body of work.
    Photographers must be comfortable shooting in manual mode. Some familiarity with Lightroom or Photoshop is preferred.

    Check out my class and many other great offerings at
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