Trade 2x3 holders and Zeiss 6x9 folder for 4x5 Grafloc Back

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    I am looking to trade 12-2x3 sheet film holders along with a Zeiss Nettar 518/6 6x9 folder for a 4x5 Grafloc back that has the ground glass focus panel and the silver sliding bars top and bottom to secure roll film backs.

    The sheet holders are in good to very good condition.All show some signs of wear.Some are plastic(Fidelity) and some are wooden Graphic holders model 5.The Zeiss Nettar shows signs of wear on the body and the bellows has had some minor pinholes in the bellows covered with black cloth tape and do not leak.The glass is excellent.No scratches or cleaning marks.Shutter fires smoothly on all speeds.I will pay shipping both ways.:smile:



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