Summer Classes/Workshops and Lecture by Shelby Lee Adams at Project Basho

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    - Summer Schedule Announced
    The summer schedule for photography classes and workshops at Project Basho has been finalized and is posted on our website.

    We are putting the color darkroom into full force by offering Photographic Vision Color both in the day and in the evening as well as Introduction to Color Printing. Also, we will be offering a teenager photography class on three different schedule options.

    In additions to our Making Large Negatives with Large Cameras, Introduction to Palladium Printing, and other workshops, we are inviting Teresa Engel to offer Fine Print - Finding Creative Solutions. Teresa has been a printer in NY for notable photographers such as Robert and Cornell Capa as well as Andreas Feininger and Bruce Davidson.

    Kevin Martini-Fuller will be teaching Introduction to Studio Lighting in a newly finished studio in August. Also there will be another workshop by Kevin to explore zone system in order to take full advantage as a creative tool.

    We are also bringing Scott McMahon to offer Gum Bichromate Workshop in September. We are committed to offering these occasions for those who want to learn historical processes and apply them to their image making process.

    Last but not least, there are some more seats available for Intermediate Platinum/Palladium Plus Gum Over Platinium Workshop and Wet-Plate Collodion by Kerik Kouklis in May. Follow the link to see a video clip to see how a contemporary photographer uses this 19th century process to his vision.

    - Lecture and Book Singing by Shelby Lee Adams
    To kick off our lecture series starting this fall in the new studio space, we are inviting Shelby Lee Adams to offer a public lecture on Friday, May 11th. Shelby will be visiting our studio for a weekend workshop on portraiture - Environmental Portraiture - on May 12th & 13th. Lecture will highlight his long commitment to the collaboration with his subjects and evolvement of his work over time. Also, his latest book, "Appalachian Lives" will be available for purchase.

    * Date & Time: Friday, May 11 from 7 pm (Door opens at 6:30 pm)
    * Location: 201 Gallery in Crane Building at 1400 N. American St. Suit 201
    * Admission: $10 ($8 with a student ID & students/darkroom renters at Project Basho)

    - A New Studio Space: Gallery, Lectures & Movie Nights
    With the funds raised by fundraising auction and print sale, we have started the second phase construction of the new studio space. With this new space, one of our plans is to showcase interesting and exciting photography exhibitions starting this fall. We hope to become an active gallery and work with other galleries in the neighborhood. We will be one of a few in Philadelphia which is dedicated to photography.

    Also in the studio, we will be developing a photography lecture series and panel discussions. In addition, we will start showing photography-related movies on a monthly basis - anything from documentary to fiction where photography plays an important role. Also, this spacious studio with a 14 ft. ceiling will be available as a rental studio by day.

    Again, much of this phase of construction has been realized thanks to the fund raising print sale and auction. Thank you again to those who participated and supported our project. Also we want to remind you that the fund raising print sale is ongoing.

    For more information and update, please feel contact us or visit our website.

    Project Basho
    1305 Germantown Ave.
    Philadelphia, PA 19122