Silver Halide Plates (litho printing plates?)

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    Mar 28, 2006
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    I came accross a couple plates coated with some type of emulsion at my school, my instructor didn't give me any information on them but said I'd likely find an application for them. lol. I followed a trail from the name of the plates "Alutique", which i translated to Alutic.. then found out through a patent website that titanium carbide was used in a process related to alutic.. which led me to lithographic plates.. and out ot the types of plates, my only assumption out of whats available is that they are silver halide coated plates.

    The only info i have on the plates is what's on the cover of the already opened package.

    It says:
    ALUTIQUE (which translates to Alutic?)
    MFG CODE: 414
    4"X5" QTY
    Pouch is packaged with the top plate guarunteed printable side down.
    The remainder of the plates have guarunteed printable side up.

    Any idea what I can use these for, or some indication of what the printing process is? How sensitive they are to light, etc.

    Any help is appreciated.