Series 6 & Series 7 filters for Koni-Omega

Discussion in 'Rangefinder Forum' started by MattKing, Sep 2, 2006.

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    Don't worry, this is not about a Voigtlander :smile: .

    I am exploring the joys of my new (to me) Koni-Omega(s). E-bay has been good to me. I've wanted 6x7 equipment for decades!

    Initially, I purchased a Koni-Omega M with 90mm lens. The 120 back is a little iffy, so I purchased another Koni-Omega M, without lens or grip, but with two 120 backs. As it turns out, the rangefinder is brighter in the second camera. The backs have their own characteristics as well, but are probably better than my first.

    Naturally, as soon as I purchased the second camera, a 58mm lens with accessory viewfinder came up for auction, and it turns out to maybe be the best of the bunch.

    A shipment to Greg Weber is most likely in order, but in the meantime, I have this question.

    The 90mm lens apparently takes series 6 filters.

    The 58mm lens apparently takes series 7 filters.

    I have never used Series filters, and I am confused.

    Do I understand correctly that some Series filters are threaded, while others are unthreaded, but fit into a holder that is threaded?

    Are these lenses best suited to threaded filters?

    Does an adapter exist that would allow me to put 58mm, or 55mm or 49mm or 46mm threaded filters on these lenses?

    I have seen some confusing information that indicates that some of the 90mm lenses actually have Series 6 adapters installed, and that if you take the adapter out, you can use 46mm?? threaded filters on the lens. Is that the case? How can I tell if it is the case for my lens? If it is, how do I get the adapter out?

    I've run a quick roll of Kodak C400CN through the new camera and 58mm lens and hope to have some test machine prints tomorrow (we're painting, and the temporary darkroom is not available at the moment). If they look okay, I'll post something, and won't start a thread about whether the lens is sharper than a 28/1.9 ASPH ULTRON.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Series fillters are not threaded, they're drop-ins. Except possibly a polarizer.
    Tiffen made series to thread adapters in the past. I doubt they're available new.
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    Jun 1, 2003
    Good Morning, Matt,

    The filter sizing is about the only real drawback to the Koni-Omega system. There are available some series-threaded filters, however. I have a couple of filters with Series 7 threads, and I've seen others occasionally. Also available are adapters which will get you from the series 6 on the lens to some common millimeter size such as 46, 49. or 52. I've seen listings on E-Bay from time to time. I think you're right that some 90mm Koni lenses have been adapted, by whom I have no idea, to accept directly either 46mm or 49mm accessories, but I've never encountered one.

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    Dec 26, 2004
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    Hi Matt,

    'Series filters' were drop-in filters that use a slip-over adapter that matches the O.D. of the lens. If you measure both front cell O.D. (down to 1/2mm) you can look for a series 7 adapter for each and standardize on series 7 size filters. They usually show up on ebay regularly, or check out old camera stores if you can find any left open. Post the sizes here and maybe someone can help with the hunt.

    Have fun with it.