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    Do you sell your work? Would you like to sell more work? How about selling more work at higher prices? If your answer to these three questions is yes then this e-workshop may be for you.

    The purpose of my Selling for Photographers workshop is to help successful photographers to become better at selling their work. I won’t patronise you by telling you how to prepare a portfolio (you already know that) or how to stage an exhibition (you already know that too). And I won’t tell you that you should (or shouldn’t) edition your prints, or that you need (or don’t need) gallery representation to succeed. Instead I will help you to understand the psychology of buying, and how you can use this new understanding to increase your sales.

    You may wonder why I feel qualified to teach you about selling, and that’s a fair question. In my career outside photography I have successfully sold high price professional services for many years. And when I started selling my photographs three or four years ago I used the same tools and techniques to find, satisfy and retain new customers. These tools and techniques have helped me to increase my sales every year while simultaneously increasing my prices.

    I first held this e-workshop for other members of the Contact Printers Guild last year, and based on their feedback I have now revised and extended it for a broader audience.

    During the e-workshop we will cover:

    • Understanding what you are selling
    • Understanding what your customers want to buy
    • Understanding how your customers see you
    • Deciding on your pricing
    • Learning how to assist your customers with their buying decision in a way that is ethical and which they will value (that’s a long way to say, “How to sell them stuff and keep them happy at the same time.”)

    But perhaps the most important thing you will learn during this e-workshop is not about photography at all. Understanding the psychology of buying will improve your whole life. By understanding how people (including yourself) decide to buy things you will be better equipped to find another job, win a promotion, get a bigger pay rise, or secure a better deal on your next car. It may even help you the next time you suffer from a bout of G.A.S.

    Workshop Dates, Format and Technical Details

    I currently have three dates scheduled: August 9th, September 13th and October 11th. Each e-workshop will run for four hours and will include several Skype conference calls, paper-based exercises, and online presentations. You will need a Skype-enabled phone and a broadband internet connection to participate. Each e-workshop will start at 15:00 (London), 10:00 (New York) and 08:00 (Los Angeles). The language will be English.

    The price is £120 (which is approximately $190).

    Please contact me for further details.