Ryuijie at Freestyle Photo

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    I stopped by today and saw the large Ryuijie exhibit which is still up. It's past the exhibit dates so if you can get there in the next week, you should...but call first to confirm.

    The show is in two parts, platinum prints of underwater photography and large gelatin silver prints of botanicals encased in ice. The underwater series have brushed edges that don't go all the way out to the edge of the film frame, very appropriate for the subject. They have a granularity that gives them a dreamlike quality...really nice series. I'm not sure if this is film grain or the use of paper negatives, but it works nicely.

    The large silver prints are beautifully and subtly toned. I'd love to find out what he used here. The ice that encases the flora makes for a beautiful abstract background setting off the subject.

    Try to make it out to Freestyle...well worth your time.