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    I have got a Rolleiflex Automat Type 4 ("MX"). From the info on the web, i found it was made from 1951-1954, after the war. On the lens, however, it reads "Carl Zeiss Jena" and Tessar 1:3.5. I am not sure if this is an East Germany lens or it was made in west germany. Can the previous owner have replaced the lens? The serial # of the lens is 35667XX.

    Besides, when I tried to put a bayonet filter on it couldn't clip in. I then found out the taking lens actually has the filter thread in and so the ring is higher than the one from the aiming lens. is it supposed to be like that? and what filter size it might be.

    I don't know if anyone who might actually have one too and can check it for me. I know they have different lenses (75mm Tessar 3.5, Opton 75/3.5 or Xenar 75/3.5 lens) for the same model.


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    I have an Automat of roughly the same vintage as the one you have. It is also fitted with a Zeiss Jena Tessar, which is a quite common taking lens on these cameras:

    The lens is made at the Jena factory in East Germany.

    I have not experienced any problems with bayonet-mounted filters on my camera and, yes, my taking lens is also fitted with what appears to be filter threads. However, I’m not sure what you mean by “the ring is higher than the one from the aiming lens.”

    I hope this can be of some help to you.