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    Hi all

    On Friday I drove to Marysville (Victoria) to attend a Richard White Workshop on Portrait Photography. If you have ever thought about attending one of Richard's workshops I just wanted to let you know it was extremely informative, a great way to spend a weekend and money well spent. My photographing has been a bit flat lately and this workshop has really inspired me. Also in attendance and assisting Richard was a man by the name of Anthony Browell. If you are interested in Pinhole Photography (quite timely as world pinhole day fell during that particular weekend) I would really suggest having a look at his work. It is truly amazing and beautiful. I had the privilege of witnessing his work in action at the workshop. I just wanted to let you know as there are many workshops out there and if you ever did want to attend one I can say that Richard's certainly live up to their reputation. I hope sometime in the future to attend one of his print workshops because his black and white print work is truly inspiring and beautiful.